M4 Carbine Assault Rifle: Ammo Pouches, Weapon Slings And Racks

The M4 assault rifle is the dream fulfilled of the artisans at Colt Firearms, the legendary firearms maker that produced the Colt .45.

Like the Colt .45, “the gun that tamed the West,” the M4 Assault rifle earned the reputation of “peacemaker” as the weapon of choice for the United States’ Armed Forces.

The M4 assault rifle has been the rifle of the Armed Forces since 1994 and still is used to defend the men and women who themselves are defending freedom, not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, but word wide as the business end of freedom.

The M4 Assault Rifle is only the latest of high-tech, quality-engineered and machined firearms from Colt Firearms. Contemporaries of the gun, and to call it a gun is an understatement, are the M4 5.56mm Carbine, the M16A4 5.56mm Rifle, Colt Automatic Rifle, M4 Commando and Colt 9mm SMG and kin to law enforcement rifles like the AR-15A2 Government, AR-15A3 Tactical, Le Carbine and the popular, favorite, sure to be a classic M4 Carbine.

Popular aspects of the M4 include selective fire, a feature found on the popular M16A2, which allows for semi-automatic and three-round burst while the military version of the rifle features a fully automatic selection. M4s featuring a heavier barrel, an improvement over a lighter barrel, have been found to handle fully automatic fire with less chance of overheating.

Accessories for M4 Assault Rifle for those owners lucky enough to own one are also attractive.

M4 ammo pouches available from companies like Black Water Gear offer single magazine, double magazine and triple magazine storage ammo pouch solutions.

M4 weapon slings are a necessary accessory for the M4 owner and can be picked up from law enforcement and military gear suppliers like Degrata Tactical, Inc. M4 weapon racks available from companies like technical solutions offer attractive storage solutions.

Unfortunately sales of the M4 are restricted by Colt Firearms under the Gun Control Act, know more appropriately as the Firearm Owners Protection Act.

The resurgence of Colt Firearms comes after many tumultuous years from the late 1980s through the 1990s. But as the popularity of war and violence as the means to an end, the demand for weapons, and the back-inventory for gun manufacturers, especially like those of Colt, guarantees a promising future, at least until the end of the decade when Colt’s contract with the U.S. government expires.

Those Americans who wish to own an M4 must move to a country with more liberal limitations on assault weapons, unless they qualify as Special Occupational Taxpayers.

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